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The Mike Love Fan Club
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Sincere Thank You

Look, I'm sixty years-old and, have enough trouble getting along with myself but the fact that all of you have managed to create so many joyous harmonies over the years, many of which are hard-wired into my brain and positively affect my thinking and writing, is a great gift to humanity. I remember when 'In My Room' first came out and now, you have this beautiful new song. For better or for worse, if reincarnation is real, my joyous nirvana would be to come back as a singing Beach Boy. So, Mike, Brian, Al and everyone else, A SINCERE THANK YOU FOR THE JOY YOU HAVE BROUGHT TO MY HEART. If you ever get to Vermont, stop by and I'll make you the best pizza you ever had. Keep singing into the next life. We are with you.


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