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Mike Love Does Not Deserve to be A Beach Boy

I have been a loyal Beach Boys fan for over 35 years. I have stuck with them through thick and thin, and I have always gone to seem them in concert every year. But this latest selfish act of Mikes is too much. I would like for Mike Love to explain what makes him the ultimate and only Beach Boy. After this latest stunt of his, I can no longer bring myself to go see the "partial" Beach Boys perform anymore.

If only Carl had lived, things would have been different!

Re: Mike Love Does Not Deserve to be A Beach Boy

I saw the 50th Anniversary tour twice this year - once in my native New Jersey and I was at Wembly in the UK the night the tour concluded. I first saw the band in 1964, have met all the members on several occassions, am a semi-professional musician since 1967 and have been a devoted fan since 1963. The Wembly show was beyond words. It was clearly Brian Wilson at his best and his performance of You're So Good To Me sounded just like 1965. As was Summer's Gone, a near religious experience. A Caroline, No for our times. As I watched Mike Love I thought...why? Is this not the pinnacle of success? And then, when introducing the cars songs he said that his first car was a 1949 Ford. And then he said that it was a far cry from the Bentley he now drives. And it all made sense right then and there - no matter how many chances we give him; no matter how much we try and like him; no matter what he did or didn't contribute musically - one thing stands clear - he really is an idiot! A crude and obnoxious. He was a Hawthorne hick who was a sheet metal worker. He had a typical lower working class mentality. He knocked up his girlfriend and was probably miserable with himself. And then fate stepped in in the form of his cousin Brian. And, despite it all, Mike is still that knucklehead mentality thrust into a position of fame and fortune. But he still thinks like that sheet metal worker who wanted more, more, more.... And so the casinos, county fairs and supermarket openings make Mike feel even larger than life. Especially without his cousin Brian there, who, when introduced, raised the fevered applause in Wembly another 1/3 in volume!!

What are you listening to right now? TWGMTR!

Re: Mike Love Does Not Deserve to be A Beach Boy

It's so terribly true. I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl. Absolutely amazing. Mike Love showboated the whole thing which got really annoying. I could have had a bit more Pet Sounds or Smile in there. Heroes and Villains is fantastic, but I want me some Surf's Up, Wonderful, etc. It's a shame so much music has gone to a pop sensation, cookie cutter mentality. It's depressing to see musical art slip away. Mike just didn't have it. He had the nasal voice we all loved which fit with the songs...but he's over the top. Brian simply wrote wonderful music and was taken advantage of at every turn.

On the upside, I just found an OC band which has some nice beach boy sound

The Chrononauts

What are you listening to right now? The Chrononauts!

Re: Mike Love Does Not Deserve to be A Beach Boy

This putz has one talent: being born blood-relative to a musical genius whose sense of family led him to choose a relative over recruiting a real lead singer. It's akin to having a pet snake turn on you after giving it the best life he could possibly ever have had.

Love carries on about his lyrical accomplishments. Does anyone really think Brian let Love write any lyrics for any other reason than to include his cousin in the creative process, in which he otherwise offered NOTHING!?!? He didn't really need him to write, he just let him.

"...she goes with me to a blossom world..." ... My God! Love's banal lyrics couldn't bring down some of the greatest compositions in pop music history, but they certainly didn't add anything worthwhile, either. He's tolerable within the framework of the 50th anniversary line-up. Take him away from that, and he's one of the World's first-class jerks.

What are you listening to right now? Surf's Up

Re: Mike Love Does Not Deserve to be A Beach Boy

A load of nonsense.