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Mike Love

I would like for Mike Love to read and reply to this posting, but I know it is not going to happen. Mike, what you are doing is a huge mistake! You are not the Beach Boys! The Beach Boys are an American icon. It was very fortunate and unusual that the group could reform and perform as well as it did. However, the thing that you do not realize is that it is the total sum of the group, not you, that makes the Beach Boys. Mike, alone, you and Bruce do not have the musicality; the group does. Look at the large venues and sold out performances that the group commanded. You, on the other hand, play at venues like a two bit casino in Wendover, Nevada! To be extremely blunt people as a whole are not interested in you and your limited musicality and ego centered behavior. They want the Beach Boys, and you are not the Beach Boys. Did you ever note how big an ovation Brian received when he walked on the stage compared to you? You are 71 years old, and your days are just about over. Are you still going to still be singing FUN FUN FUN when you are 80 years old? Mike, you are "milking" the good name of the group, and it is very sad. You may have written many of the lyrics, but you know as does everyone else that it was really Brian that wrote and arranged the songs. It is sad what you have done, and I feel nothing but contempt for you.

Re: Mike Love

I have always tried to give Mike the benefit of the doubt. But now he has gone out of his way to demonstrate his character. I am really disappointed. These Mike and Bruce shows are LAME. With Brian, David and Al all wanting to participate this crap is the last thing we want more of. I hope Brian takes back control of the name from Mike. Mike is reducing the Beach Boys to some oldies act playing at **** hole places like The Villages. No disrespect to Patricia or to her late father who are both wonderful people.