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I just want to thank Mike and the Bruce, David, Brian and Al for making my little man with the broken arm feel so special. He was the only one allowed to be pictured in front of the band at this meet and greet. They were sensational to him. + They sounded absolutely wonderful and the tribute they did to Carl and Dennis was beautiful. My son asked me what happened to them and I told them what happened and he started to cry. To the Beach Boys, I want you to know that even though you hate Knoxville as much as we do (its like the Hotel California) that it is well worth the travelling we do to come to your show. In 20 years you guys have never disappointed me and this year the memories will last me for a life time. And regardless of your ages, you all still look and sound absolutely wonderful!! Again, thank you all so much for the wonderful time!! I will always be your #2 fan as no one is a bigger fan than my brother MIKE, although we give him a run for his money!