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I Love Mike Love

Ok....I've never posted here before. Does Mike actually read these? I'm 32 and happily married and I have to say, I have an ENORMOUS crush on Mike. He is tremendously sexy!!

Re: I Love Mike Love

Sigh. Gross.

He's like 70.

He's the reason for their decline. He practices transcendental meditation, yet it is publicly known he beat his wife and children. Is that hot?

He told Brian Wilson he thought Pets Sounds was crap. But didn't mind taking all the cash. He told Wilson that Smile was crap and refused to finish the album. Then...releases the epically disgusting Smiley Smile which was their version of Brian's Smile.

But yeah, crush on him.

What are you listening to right now? Smile - The Beach Boys

Re: KEVIN I Love Mike Love

I must say Mike Love is still hot at 70 I bet more hot than when you were in your 20s get a life!

Re: I Love Mike Love

Why are you even posting here if you don't like Mike Love? you're just being a troll.

Re: I Love Mike Love

This is to Kevin. Stop talking crap about people that you don't know. Mike Love would never put his hands on anybody. He is a real man. I know him very well. So stay off this board if you don't know the facts.