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Paramount Peekskill

Hi Mike Love, Thank you for fulfilling my childhood dream of meeting you onstage! I had the best time ever! I will remember this concert every time I listen to the Beach Boys in my Saturn Sky convertable as I am cruising to the beaches on Long Island. Have a great time at your concert in Staten Island...I loved performing there with my band "Hurricane" in the late 70's. A big hug and a kiss, Lois

What are you listening to right now? "Don't Worry Baby"

Re: Paramount Peekskill

I am so delighted that you remembered! That is my favorite song and I hope to hear it at the reunion concert... either Bethel, NY or Wantaugh, NY whichever one I can get tickets for. I just heard the latest hit and I love the chord progressions that modulate and split into the harmonies...just beautiful!!! I have to get a copy soon. Can't wait to see you in concert, Hugs and kisses, Lois