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thank you

your were on my daughters flight to canada
you flew united air
she finally came up to you and said that i was a fan
since you... the beach boys started...

you took a picture with her on the plane... she is
a flight attendant... you gave her an autograph
on a paper bag that is used to heat cookies

she told you that at age four i taught her the air
drums to susie cincinati... hope you remember that

i, because of you and al have been doing TM since the

i have seen you guys every year since 1972... i was in
college at that time... i saw you at least once a year
if not twice up until carl's death

avid fan... i am a teacher and on my computer at school i play the beach boys... i teach computer repair and maintenance so i can do what i want... i am
61.... and i hope that the 50th year cd happens

thank you for the time with my daughter and what you
did for me as a fan.... please do the cd


steve downey

What are you listening to right now? winds of change

Re: thank you

i forgot to ask you to email me back so i can add it
to my picture of you and my daughter and your autograph...

i know this is a great problem for a person who is
busy as you are but we are both TM'rs

keep on going and again thank you

stephen downey

What are you listening to right now? miu