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what happen to the power of the beachboys

what are the chances the beach boys would get together to put out some new great music, the one thing about the beach boys is they could always out some great music, and they were one of the must see bands for a long long time plus the beach boys were very creative as the music goes and there concerts were as i said must see, must attend, but i don,t know whos giving them advice these days but its like were on tour but don,t let any one. they should be putting dvds out of these tour they go on now if its a big effort for then to actually go in to the studio and make music again. why can,t they put out some new cds and sell them on this site and the beach boys site. why can,t they do what the grateful dead have done on their reunion tour as the dead, make all the stops recorded and available to buy on cd . the love beach boys but there P.R. in this day and age really stinks take care however , looking forward to a full reunion it thats at all possible at this point if there not set in there ways-Hippie Freedom