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the concert on Sunday nite @ pachaga casino

Dear Mike, I saw the show on Sunday night august 22. I had a blast I danced to almost every song (like i always do)my seats were great I was in the 4th row right next to the isle way which worked out perfectly (so I could dance)I was bummed your buddy John wasnt there playing the drums. I can't believe there is only 2 more shows in california before you all leave and well summer is over I am going to try to make the one in palm springs @ the casino. I would love to just dance my song (surfer girl) with you just 1 time. that would be a dream come true (oh and well John's cell number that is) well a girl can only try right. thank you for always making my summer but you all could have more concerts here.. food for thought! take care and God Bless, Angel

What are you listening to right now? the eagles