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I went to my second Beach Boy concert Aug 10 2010 in Moncton New Brunswick CANADA { First one I drove over 15 hours for in PA}. From the time Mike Love walked on stage till he walked off it was so amazing!! He waved at my winked,and was sending kisses my way. He sang to me and pulled me close to the stage for my husband to take a picture. He even called me back stage and we talked and he kissed my forhead. It was one of the best experinces I have had. I'm 28 and grew up loving the Beach Boys and to now have this experince with pic and a few video's is just amazing. Anyone know how to get mail to Mike Love I would love to sent him some of the pictures. Come back to New Brunswick Soon!!! Love you Mike

What are you listening to right now? The Beach Boys

Re: Concert

I was at the same concert what an amazing experience, I hope they come back to the maritines

What are you listening to right now? the beach boys