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Great Concert!!


Just caught you guys at the Clearfield County Fair 8/3/2010. It was my 5th Beach Boys Concert and I have to say even though its only you and Bruce J. as original members, the new guys do a good job at attempting to re-create that 'beach music' sound that you & Jan & Dean made so familiar for so many people... A few years back, you brought Brian W. along and I knew it was probably the last time I would probably get to see him with the group. Thank god I got to witness that... Hope you never give it up, keep on rockin' brother!! Remember to 'Hang on To Your Ego' & always 'Let your colors fly'!!!.....

What are you listening to right now? 60's/70's rock

Re: Great Concert!!

seven of us were on the hill at dte(pine knob)on sunday night(aug.2) the show was awesome. My sixteen year old and his friends that were there, were raving about the show on their facebook.Thanks Mike and Bruce for the great southeast Michigan show !