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Just a thank you

Mike I was wondering why dont you and the band never play songs live surfer Joe or any songs from this album.I was picked to go up on stage with you all when you played fantasy springs casino(that was a few years ago) I also went up on stage at another concert it was at bonelli park in san dimas,ca. when you played with check berry. That was my dream to be on stage with you all and you all made it come true. Thank you (hey didnt a friend of yours John stamos have the same dream) well his was to play the drums with you all mine was to dance up on the stage with you all. for that Mike I just wanted to say Thank you and perhaps our paths will meet again in Augst. when you play on the 22nd. I am hoping I will be able to see you all again (john too) take care and god bless, Angel your true #1 fan..

What are you listening to right now? Mamas and poppas