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Mike Love Fan Forever

I got to see Mike at the Country Concert in the Hills in Ft. Loramie Ohio. I work there every year and I have to say that Mike and the boys blew away every Country act that took that stage during the four-day concert. I was in the front row and you can tell Mike is still having as much fun as he always had. He is one of the greatest front men to ever grace the stage. He addresses the crowd, sings with perfect accuracy and has a kindness about him that glows. It was an honor to be so close to such a legend and musical genius and writer.

What are you listening to right now? Pet Sounds

Re: Mike Love Fan Forever

I totally agree with you Matt. I think Mike is a fantastic performer. I met him in Edinburgh, Scotland, a couple of years ago and he was so charming. He signed autographs and chatted away.

Such a gentleman ! Wish there were more like him.
Beach Boys are one of the best Bands ever.