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To Mike "Love"-

Just read what you did to Brian on Wiki.

If I ever see your ******* senior citizen ass around, you'll be getting some good vibrations up your has-been ass.

You lived in the glow of genius and you ****** upon that gift.

"Don't **** with the Beach Boys formula."

Here's a formula:

Mike Love = Complete ****tard.

Go die, you *******.

Re: To Mike "Love"-

Poor Mike! He is misunderstood by so many people. Brian had some real problems some years ago, and Mike would do the best he could to get Brian straight. What appears to be mis treatment by Mike to Brian by some people, was really his attempt to help him. Right on Mike!!!!!

Re: To Mike "Love"-

I agree with you! Mike's attempt to help Brian has always been looked upon as a selfish act to further his own goals. Mike tryed to help him and protect him. Let's just thank God that Brian is still with us today, healthy and happy. Leave the past alone! None of us were there when this was all going on.

Re: To Mike "Love"-

"There's been some dialogue(about new material)between us" Love said."In a couple of years it will be our 50th anniversary as a band, and I think it would be cool if we all did something together to mark that...I think(our relationship)is pretty darn good,he said.We haven,t really done anything together in the past several years, but there's no law against far as my feelings for Brian, we go back so far,and I feel like our chemistry together is very good.I really have an enjoyable time whenever we get together"...The 68-year-old Love, who's been doing at least 150 shows a year for the past 45 years, quickly dismisses the idea of retirement....the audience is everything,Love said "It's really amazing when you look out at the audience and you see a child singing "409", which was on the flip side of a single released in 1961. It's pretty remarkable."
Exract from the Concord Monitor July 2009.