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Mike Love sighting a while back

I guess what brought this on is that The Beach Boys are gonna play a concert at the Fresno Fair this year, and I thought this would be a good story to share. It may have been 2 years ago, I don't quite remember, but here it goes.

I live in Fresno, CA and work at my local neighborhood hardware store, I was lucky enough to be at the register when a gentleman in a Hawaiian shirt and hat brought to the register some wire nuts, the type you use to fix electrical wire. The total just happened to be $4.09 (talk about coincidence), and I said, "your total is 409 like the cleaner." The gentleman said, yeah, 409 like the Chevy engine, or like the song i wrote for The Beach Boys... He must have seen I had the deer caught in the headlights/yeah right/confused look, because he asked me if I had ever heard of The Beach Boys? I think you would have to live in a cave not to He even sang a part of the song, he said, "you know...gidee up 409." I told him oh yeah, gave him his change and he was off.

Unfortunately I think I was the only one to see him (and I know I wasn't dreaming), because I told my manager and boss, and they both teasingly asked me, what would Mike Love be doing in Fresno at a hardware store buying wire nuts?? I didn't really know the answer to that, I also didn't know it was Mike until I got home and did a little research on the internet, and sure enough it was him! He was a very pleasant man to deal with, and talk V8 Chevy engines with! Maybe one day he'll come in and buy some sprinklers, or sandpaper

What are you listening to right now? my fingers clacking on the keyboard