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The Beach Boys in Zanesville OH

Was totally impressed with what I saw last night!
I lived in Northern CA for many years.....went to many concerts in my lifetime....and really enjoyed last night.

Although the place wasn't packed on the ground (but the grandstand was!) at first, it filled up quickly......and although the crowd was "difficult" as the "sun set" the crowd "loosened up" and a good time was had by all.

I don't think Mike Love gives what they do enough credit. Yeah, sure, you aren't the Rolling Stones.......but The Beach Boys have reached many people with the beautiful sounds of what the wrote, and played, and impacted America and wthe world greatly. Only heard one song that was a "little off" and that's only because I am a musician......but all in all....the sounds was great ------great equipment for sound.......and I enjoyed the show much more than I anticipated.......Mike and Bruce are still as charming as they were in the 60's......and as far as I am concerned, they were able to "awaken the fair grounds " with much needed enthusiasm and happiness. "California Dreamin" made me homesick for that "California Sun and Beach....but was happy to be where I was last night..........

THANKS for the evening with the Beach Boys in Zanesville OH!

Re: The Beach Boys in Zanesville OH

If you have ever seen The Beach Boys the Mike Love tribute band is a far cry from Americas Band!

RIP Shawn Love your Dad SUCKS!

Re: The Beach Boys in Zanesville OH

Who kept the Beach Boys performing and touring,while Brian decided to stay in bed?. Answer, Mike Love and the rest of the band. I will say it again, enjoy the songs and music which Brian and Mike collaborated.Hope we will see them united once again for a special concert tour soon.

What are you listening to right now? Endless Harmony (Brian's Back!)

Re: The Beach Boys in Zanesville OH

If you want to see the real Beach Boys concert, go see Brian Wilson on tour now. I saw him last weekend in NY and they were fabulous.