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Beach Boys concert

I was at Capital One Theatre in Westbury last night to see Mike and the Boys. It was an awesome concert (as usual). They really played a mixture of songs. Not like the last time I saw them there (last year). Anyways. Mike looks wonderful and they sounded great. Glad they are still doing what they are doing. More power to them. If you never saw them in concert, you are missing an experience! Beach Boys forever!!!

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Re: Beach Boys concert

I liked it too but that stage leaves a lot to be desired when it turns and all you see are their backs. I believe it was sold out- nice crowd-- 3,500- 4,000 people in attendance.

Re: Beach Boys concert

That's the best part (not seeing their backs of course). But everyone gets a chance to see them. You wouldn't want to be behind them all night if the stage didn't turn. It's a very up close and personal venue. That's why I like it. No matter where you sit, you get a great view. I always get nice pics when I see them there.

Re: Beach Boys concert

It is nice that they still get out and play the hits. I saw the Beach Boys several times a year every year from 1979 until 1997. Then, I went once in 1998, and it just wasn't the same without Carl. And they don't have Alan, either. Plus, where would any of them be if not for the genius of Brian Wilson?

What you are seeing today is basically a very good tribute band that is fortunate enough to have someone who actually sang with the original band.

I know you can't go back, but it would be nice if Mike would acknowledge the other members, admit he'd be nothing if it weren't for Brian and get everyone left on the stage together one more time. THAT would be worht seeing.

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