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your concert in vegas

Hi Mike, I went to the concert @ the Mandalay bay on the 23 and 24th. so I wanted to write tonight and tell you I had a blast! I also have got my tickets for the concert in Oct 7 @ the prim in vegas. Will john be attending that concert too? We met brefly a few years ago when you picked me to go up on stage during a concert that was a dream come true (thank you) I also met you before that tho it was when you and john played at the new park (DCA) @ Disneyland. I was working and I was backstage just drinking a coke listening when out of nowhere you walked up and asked me for some directions I couldnt believe it.. our paths have crossed a few times and I have attended many many concerts and I have loved each one.. I even have a photo that is my all time treasure of you and I together.. I would love to hear from you perhaps if you have a chance..thank you again Mike for so many years of fun. take care angel

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