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I wish I could get this message to Mike Love

I was 13 in 1977 and a friend gave me seveal Beach Boys records. I was growing up in CT at the time. I was hooked. I had Beach Boys posters and their records all over my room. I even had Mom buy a full wall paper that showed a California Beach scene. It was the words and stories that got to me. I was 13, just beginning to think about girls. And I used to listen to the Beach Boys and pretend I was the Boy in their songs. The music of the Beach Boys shaped my entire vision of life and love. I joined the Air Force at 18 and they sent me to California. I lived on a Sail Boat in San Pedro, CA for awhile. I surfed all the spots in Southern CA. Although I was never very good :) All of my life I have searched for that that surfer girl. I eventually met her and we had a daughter. When my daughter was going on 2, and learning to talk - it was Barbara Ann that she learned to talk to. Ba Ba Ba, she would try to talk and sing along with that song when in the car with me. As she grew older, a whopping 4 ( She was born in 2001 ) she would tell me she wants to go to California to meet the Surfer Boys :) I took her to a festival at Deerfield Beach in Florida where she got to watch the band that played a huge role in forming who I grew up to be. To this day when I listen to their music, it brings me back to a time in life when I was 13 and dreaming that I was the boy in their songs. I am 46 now. But I have never lost that Boy in me, because when I listen to their music, it always keeps me connected to my youth. There are so many who would love to meet Mike Love, but never had the chance. I am giving this a wild shot - but if anyone on this fan club web site has a direct connection to Mike Love, tell him I have a little girl that would love to meet him. And surely I would. I have always wanted to meet him and introduce my daughter, being it was Barbara Ann that she spoke her first words to. I thought he would enjoy that story. He and the other members of the Beach Boys have earned their spot in Heaven, because they have brought more joy and love to the world then any band I can think of in history. I often think with all the negative in the world today, I hope music changes as music does tend to cycle. I hope young and new musicians find a way to connect with the young people and sing of love and hope, and FUN, the way Mike Love and the Beach Boys did.

Dave Fogg 954-974-6952

What are you listening to right now? California Girls