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Special Thank you to the BB

I went to the concert in St. Augustine.
The first concert that they ever allowed fans to get that close to the stage area that I have been too. I can tell you that I had a sensational time. The trip started with my Aunt passing away, demanding my money back on a Beach house that was grossly misadvertised ended up in a hotel where I played maid to my friend and her son, only to almost leave two days before the concert. Mind you I had purchased 5 PIT TICKETS. It was that bad!!
Getting that close to the BB was a dream come true Mike touched my hand ever so softly, I almost fainted. Bruce came over and touched my hand too, at that point I wanted to die. These guys still sound like the album. I dont mind spending alot of money to see these guys and they made my week of hell, all worth while just to be there in St. Augustine that night. They were relaxed and very talented. They can hit a beach ball and never miss a note. Mike and that Drummer really have that act together with showing off with the tambourine. I have been to many many of concerts and without a doubt each time I attend a Beach Boys concert they far out perform any other performer out there today. I didnt get my autographes, but I got something that was far more valuable, stress relief and a great evening listening to the world's best band. God willing, I will see you again and again and again. Never stop rocking, Mike and Bruce.. You bring a renewed peace to a stressed soul.. Forever in your debt, forever your fan.