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The Mike Love Fan Club
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Mr. Love

Mike, you're still just a no-talent ******* who rode Brian's coat tails to where you are now.

Re: Mr. Love

You are not worth the time of day Phil G. Mike is what kept the Beach Boys unique and moving through the times. He and Bruce are the Beach Boys. (Al will always be in our hearts too.) The Brian Wilson Fanclub is down the street, go there and stay out you unworthy twit.

What are you listening to right now? Beach Boys Of COURSE!!

Re: Mr. Love

I have and always have been critical of Mike Love but to say things like that shows you have no value for Mike OR The Beach Boys. Mike helped pen some of the greatest songs ever recorded by the worlds greatest band. I always have and always will give Mike respect in those terms. Do I think he deserved as much accolades for the success of the Beach Boys NO!

Musically Mike offered nothing to speak of. Brian would have finished every song with or without Mike. The Beach Boys took a new direction with Don't Worry Baby in May '64 with no Mike Love influence at all. Brian had great pen pals in Roger Christian & Tony Asher. Mike Love has been a mainstay with The Beach Boys for 48 years now and although I disagree on his touring since Carls death I credit him for fronting Americas Band and his writing.

What are you listening to right now? River Song

Re: Mr. Love

Nice one Phil G. Have truer words ever been spoken? Not sure. However, it is difficult to understand how anybody other than Mike Love would set up a Mike Love fanclub.

Sure, Mike was there the whole while. But the worthiness of his motivation to stick with the band is definitely up for debate.

I simply view Mike Love as a far more destructive force in the band than as a force that bound them together. My two cents.

What are you listening to right now? Vegetables.

Re: Mr. Love

You can't argue PhilG's point. Mike Love DID ride Brian's coat tails - everyone did. They beat the horse until it wouldn't go anymore and left it a drugged mess.

Then, when things got bleak, they dragged the old horse out of the barn for "Brian is Back."

Record companies would only sign the group if they could promise Brian's participation. You think they gave a rat's tail if Mike Love participated or not? Don't give revisionist history, Mike Love resisted the effort to keep moving forward musically. He wanted to keep cranking out pop schlock, while Brian was creating Pet Sounds.

Mike called it Brian's "ego music." Paul McCartney called it the greatest album EVER.

Of all of the members of the group - Mike's effort is the least important. And to think he had the guts to sue Brian!

Just put on "Imagination" or other Brian Wilson CDs and you will catch a glimpse of the genius! Luckily, he is still with us!

What are you listening to right now? Beach Boys Live in Jamaica