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Arnold Hall Concert Review

Went to the Arnold Hall Concert last night and it was awesome. About an hour and a half of hits non hits and cover songs. They have for sure improved I never was that impressed with this Beach Boys line up until last night. It really helps that they finally have a good strong falsetto singer and good no GREAT!!! drummer he actually played the songs just like the original recordings. Loved the show and I loved how Bruce dedicated God Only Knows to the great Carl Wilson he did a great job singing lead on that one.

Re: Arnold Hall Concert Review

Nice to hear a good review of another Beach Boy's concert.I agree, they do their best to put on a really good show.Since the appointment of Scott Totten as musical director he has got the group back to the original BBs music.John Cowsill on drums was another good move.He can also sing,and belt out the hits as well as the drums.Not to mention Randall Kirsh ,as was menioned, with his soaring falsetto.Almost as good as Brian was in his younger days. Hope to see them soon in the UK.

Re: Re: Arnold Hall Concert Review

Scott Totten is the musical director really? I always thought that was still Bruce's job. Anyway Randall is a great falsetto singer although I still have to say next to Brian...Jeffery Fosskett is my favorite so I will put Randall in close second to Jeff he's the best falsetto the current Beach Boys line up has ever had. As for john John Cowsill and his drumstick that flew almost into the audience at the end of the show. He ROCKS!!! nuff said.