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Permission to dance to "KOKOMO"?

Greetings from Higashi Buddhist Temple!
This is Elaine Harada, again. I was wondering if anyone has gotten a hold of Mr. Love about my predicament? I wrote about my situation in August '08.
No news is good news? Wishful thinking...
Have a safe week and hope to hear from a reliable source soon!

Re: Permission to dance to "KOKOMO"?

It's a go now Elaine- I spoke to Mike and Bruce at their last concert and they were not aware of the problem. SO enjoy!

Re: Re: Permission to dance to "KOKOMO"?

Dear Harold,
Sorry, to get back to you so late. Our winter break just started! : )
I LOVE your response to my desperate plea, but...who are you? You ACTUALLY spoke to Mike and Bruce? Hmmm...I don't think your response will hold up in court if our temple is sued! Thank you, though! You really brightened up my day with your positive reponse...and that was all it is...a positively ideal response to my dilemna.
Happy holidays and may you continue to bring hope to many others in 2009! You're a good man!

What are you listening to right now? Christmas songs on K-Earth 101.1