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I am 50 years old.For 46 of those years i had been ignorant of the Beach Boys' and their music.Not hard I suppose if you live in New Zealand. Mike and Bruce brought their show to Tauranga and were headlining for Chicago.I have never been so affected by music of any one person or band but after having heard The Beach boys' music live I have been reborn.I don't know why I hadn't listened to them before but since them I have listened to them everyday.I get such a wonderful feeling when I hear their music and watch their DVD's that I can not imagine not having their music in my life. I saw them again in Auckland,NZ,in 2006 or 7 and it made me feel grateful that I was able to discover them for myself.My only regret is that i wasted 46 years.I suppose you can never be too old to appreciate new things.Life is great-thanks Mike Love and The Beach Boys .

What are you listening to right now? Live at Knebworth-California Girls

Re: Reborn

I couldn't believe it when I read Mark's message,it could have been written by myself.Although 20 years his senior, my situation is similiar. Mike and Bruce with their talented band came to the UK in 2004,which included Glasgow.It was there that I heard their great music for the first time, and became an ardent fan ever since.I knew then that it was the best show I was ever at. Hooked on the BBs music I could not wait for a return visit, which was in Edinburgh last May. Another great show. Like Mark I did not know why I hadn't listened to, or was familiar with their songs and music, especially as I was in my 20s in the 60s.I have collected all the BBs vinyl LPs and DVDs, which also include Brian's concerts. I don't know but maybe the hits of the BBs were not on the air waves as frequently here in the UK as were the other groups and solo artists,(and there were many) at the time. I do remember however the tune of California Girls being used for a TV advert for a Scottish airline, Caledonian Airways in the 1970s. Referring to their female flight attendents,resplendent in their tartan uniforms, the tune was "I wish they all could be CALEDONIAN girls"

What are you listening to right now? Fun Fun Fun