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Mike IS the Beach Boys!

Without Mike there wouldn't have been any Beach Boys. He is the true talent of the group. He is responsible for writing - NOT co-writing most of their songs. Brian just took credit for them. My friend knows Mike and Mike says that he actually wrote all of Good Vibrations/Surfer Girl/Fun Fun Fun/and many others - all by himself! Brian just stole everything from him. Brian is too embarassed to admit it.

What are you listening to right now? Looking Back with Love...On CD!

and you ARE a nitwit

infantile sarcasm is just that. grow up.

What are you listening to right now? BWPS on vinyl

Re: Mike IS the Beach Boys!

The fact that you listed that your currently listening to Looking Back With Love pretty much sums up your post. True fact. If Brian was not the musical genius he is then Mike Love would have been pumping gas a long time! Mike played no instrument except for a pathetic attempt at saxaphone so your rest assured he wrote none of the music.

another numbnuts weighs in

show a little class. don't trash the guy on his own website. or would showing a little class be too big a step up for a numbnuts?

Re: Mike IS the Beach Boys!

I wasn't being sarcastic. I was very serious, and then some infantile moron started insulting!

What are you listening to right now? Summer in Paradise

Re: Re: Mike IS the Beach Boys!

Oh, well that puts a different light on it if you were actually being serious about Brian really stealing all the tunes from Mike and you having a friend who heard Mike say it. That sorta elevates you from nitwit to, uh, I know, to numbnuts jr.

Come on, I know there's gotta be more than just a couple of posters here who aren't either Mike bashers or complete idiots. Talk to me about the music, brothers and sisters.

Re: Re: Re: Mike IS the Beach Boys!

All this talk about Mike and Brian!! Lets face it they are both great!! They both add something to a super group known as the Beachboys. Brian brings artistic dynamics, and Mike is the image of the group with his funloving music and ways!!! Letsw hope they get together, at least for one more recording session and concert!!

What are you listening to right now? TLOS

Now you're talkin'

This will be a good example of what a legitimate and interesting post that's worthy of the effort to type it - a real rarity on this board. Maybe guys like DJ and the other knuckleheads who like to litter the board with their inane anti-ML posts will pick up on it.

And I'm with you on the hope you expressed. Might be a long shot, but there's no harm in hoping.

Re: Now you're talkin'

Thants funny the word you use is knuckleheads. I state some facts that some of you can't take and suddenly it's pre school namecalling. I have posted on here on more than one occassion that Mike helped Brian pen some great songs.

I do think Mike got some writing cresits which were bogus and I'm far from the only one who thinks that. I also never want to see Brian share a stage when it seems like Mike would rather file a law suite than make records. Brian is still vital in the music world and you would have tought that Mike would have learned something after all these years.

What are you listening to right now? All This Is That!

Re: Re: Now you're talkin'

Aw, this is too sad. After just getting the promotion from numbnuts to knucklehead you go and get yourself demoted again. But what can one expect from a numbnuts?

Re: Re: Re: Now you're talkin'

I though this was supposed to be the Mike Love Fan Club board. If you don't have anything nice to say, post it somewhere else. He puts alot of energy and enthusiasm into his shows. He is fun to watch and he is a Beach Boy, just like Brian. Watching him sing and mingle with the audience, you're watching a legend, just like Brian. Brian puts on good shows too, but I prefer to see Mike and Bruce. They are more entertaining. Maybe if we think and hope and wish and pray it might come true that they get back together. Then everyone would be happy.

Re: Mike IS the Beach Boys!

No with out the music of Brian Wilson the true talent of the group and especially the Wilson brothers Brian, Dennis and Carl there would have been no Beach Boys. Mike says he wrote those songs all by himself well he's lying he only wrote the lyrics and sang lead Brian wrote the music and did everything else. Mike Love is full of himself.

Re: Mike IS the Beach Boys!

Oh and about Mike saying he wrote Good Vibrations all by himself. Brian already had that song written before he went to Mike to have him write new lyrics. Mike could never write a song like that by himself in a million years. And Surfer the fact Brian wrote that alone in his car explains it self.

Re: Re: Mike IS the Beach Boys!

Brian and Tony Asher actually had the rough cut of Good Vibrations done which is the version you year on the '04 Smile Album. Mike added "I'm pickin up good vibrations, she's givin me excitations". which I give him credit for that but Brian and Tony Asher wrote the rest of the song. Listen to the beginning and the ending of the '04 version of the Smile album and that was Tony Ashers influence on the song. The 66 version had Brian Wilson and Mike Love as writers. The'04 Smile version added Tony Asher to the writing credit and deservingly so. Tony Asher helped Brian write the Pet Sounds album and Good Vibrations was written during this period. Below is Brians input to Rolling Stone. Even without Mikes input at all Good Vibraions would have been a No.1 song.

Written by: Brian Wilson, Mike Love
Produced by: Wilson
Released: Oct. '66 on Capitol
Charts: 14 weeks
Top spot: No. 1

It scared me, the word 'vibrations,' " Brian Wilson once said, remembering how, when he was a boy, his mother, Audree, tried to explain why dogs barked at some people and not others. "A dog would pick up vibrations from these people that you can't see but you can feel. And the same thing happened with people." "Good Vibrations," Wilson's crowning achievement as a songwriter and producer, harnessed that energy and turned it into eternal sunshine. "This is a very spiritual song," he said after its release, "and I want it to give off good vibrations."

Wilson, then twenty-four, also had another, more selfish goal in mind: "I said, 'This is going to be better than 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'.' "

Wilson was still working on his long-playing magnum opus, Pet Sounds, when he started "Good Vibrations" late on the night of February 17th, 1966, at Gold Star Recorders in Los Angeles. During the next seven months, in four studios, at a cost of more than $50,000 (at that point the greatest sum ever spent on a single), Wilson built "Good Vibrations" in sections, coloring the mood swings with locomotive cello, saloon piano and the spectral wail of a theremin. "We didn't think about doing it in pieces at first," Wilson says now, "but after the first few bars in the first verse, we realized that this was going to be a different kind of record." Very different. Wilson -- free to experiment while the other Beach Boys were on tour -- could not stop wrestling with combinations of instruments and rhythmic approaches. One discarded version of the song had an R&B backbeat.

"Good Vibrations" became the Beach Boys' third Number One hit, but it was a short window of glory -- for the Beach Boys commercially, for Wilson creatively and emotionally. The song was intended to appear on the group's Smile album, but Wilson -- suffering from depression and battling the other Beach Boys over the group's direction -- abandoned Smile in May 1967. He finally completed the record earlier this year, and "Good Vibrations" has become the high point of his SMiLE tour. " 'Good Vibrations' now is the best its ever been," says Wilson. "It went to Number One in 1966, and now we get standing ovations every time we play it live. It's incredible to me."

Appears on: Smiley Smile/Wild Honey (Capitol)

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