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Mike Love's Lyrics

This post may get some Mike Love fans mad but I don't care. Mike took Brian to court to get rights to writing credits on many Beach Boy songs.

I for one think that while Mike did pen some great sngs with Brian like Fun Fun Fun, California Girls, Good Vibrations and others there are some I really do not believe he had much input. Like Kiss Me Baby, Let Him Run Wild, Youre So Good To Me and more. Brian wrote Surfer Girl, Hawaii, Catch a Wave early on without Mike and collaberated with Roger Christian and Tony asher, and Gary Usher on songs like Don't Worry Baby, In My Room, God Only Knows.

Brian wrote Pet Sounds with Tony Asher and then Mikes name is on the credit for Wouldn't It Be Nice. I'm not buying it. I look at Mike's solo work and he's done virtually nothing without Brian. He penned Kokomo with three other writers and Getcha Back with Terry Melcher.

I have been a fan all my life but I am a Beach Boys fan first and foremost and without Brian there is no Beach Boys period. The fact that Mike tours today singing Beach Boys songs at 67 is pathetic enough. Brian is still writing and making records so it's not hard to connect the dots. The fact that Brian does not associate himself as a Beach Boy today sickens me because it's largely part to Mike Love who's ego has always been a thorn. If you need proof watch the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Induction speech. He's lucky to have had Brian or he wouldn't even be mentioned as being in a band that is mentioned in the same breath as the Beatles!

Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue and Carl Wilsons Youngblood stand out as memorable albums while Looking Back With Love is a prime example of Mike being out of his element except for singing Beach Boy records until he's 90.

Re: I agree! Love's a phony!

I agree!

Here's proof! 5th paragraph...

Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

Listen if you are a true Beach Boys fan then you would not talk like this. Mike Love is the only reason the beach boys are still touring. Thank God they are. I think that you can't stand the fact that mike can still sing and perform the way that he did back in 61. A little jealious are we? If you know everything about the beach boys then you would know that Brian nd Denny and Carl gave mike that rights to the name The Beach Boys. And brian would never of ever give mike anything let alone the rights to the bands name if there were any lies about who penned certin songs.Look Brain wrote and still writes awesome music, But you have to give credit to mike. He penned the lyrics to The Warmth Of The Sun. Brain even says that is the best lyrics to any song he wrote with and without mike. Brians father made him not give mike credits to the songs and if he didnt listen he would of. And to the other person who wrote agreeing with this person i didn't even read your e-mail beacause it is all lies. Do me a favor get the hell off this board and stay off. We don't need people like you spreading lies about Mike Love. You don't like him fine but don't be childish and start rumours about him. Again if you are a true Beach Boys fan then LEAVE HIM ALONE.

What are you listening to right now? The Beach Boys Made In The USA

Re: Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

Actually Brian stated that "Do It Again" was the best song that he and Mike collaberated on. Watch the Endless Harmony DVD. How could Denny have any input to Mike taking rights to the Beach Boys name when he passed away 25 years ago and I have never read anything stating that Brian and Carl gave the rights to Mike. Mike went to court for the rights.

It was Alan & Mike who went to court over who could use the Beach Boys name. Mike also sued Brian in '04 over the Smile album. It's pretty pathetic when you have more lawsuits than new records over the last twenty years.

Mike sounds like he did in '61 I won't touch that one but opinions vary. I painstackingly seen the Mike & Bruce cover band a few years back withabout 200 or so other observers at a fair and was actually glad to see John Cowsill in the Band that was the highlight of the show. The Beach Boys are gone and have been for 10 years.

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Re: Re: Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

Did you ever hear about a will. It was in dennys will about the rights for the bands name. Mike and al did go court for the name because al wanted to take the name but mike already had the right from denny, carl, and brain. How do you think he won? Plus if the beach boys are gone then how are they still touring. Try going to a recent concert like the one that was on the beach in AC july 4 there was over 55 thousand people.If you really think they are done then get the hell off this board. Oh and do me a favour get the facts then talk.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

Why would Denny want to leave the Beach Boys name to Mike when they hated each other and Brian and Carl were still alive. At the press conference after Dennys death it was Carl speaking up for the band saying that Denny would have wanted The Beach Boys to continue as a band. I read Dennys and Brians Books and they never once mention that they wanted Mike to have the Beach Boys name. I think you need to check your facts and I don't have to get off this board at all. I can express my opinions and read the article below and believe what you want.

Beach Boy Mike Love at West Point

By Jesse Jarnow

'BE TRUE TO YOUR SCHOOL, MOTHERF***ER" reads the caricature's T-shirt. Above it rests a head framed by a bushy beard, possessed eyes, and long, stringy hair. Devil horns sprout from the bald temples. Cartoonist Peter Bagge's illustration is a frequent depiction of singer Mike Love, who will lead a group bearing the name "The Beach Boys" onto the stage of Eisenhower Hall in West Point on tomorrow night.

Neither the graphic, nor Love's billing, is entirely unjust.

It was Love who co-founded the fabled California surf-rock outfit with his first cousin Brian Wilson in 1961. They quickly recruited Wilson's younger brothers Carl and Dennis and neighbor Al Jardine. None of those men will join Love in West Point. In fact, Love has sued two of them multiple times. The other two are dead.

Indeed, the Beach Boys' years of hits gave way to - like Wes Anderson's Royal Tenenbaums - "decades of betrayal, failure, and disaster." But what hits!

With soaring, brotherly harmonies atop sturdy Chuck Berry grooves, the band's first half-decade of success remains unparalleled. The songs, penned and produced by Brian, with lyrical contributions from Love and others, were of waves, girls, and - for their landlocked comrades - cars.

"No marketing surveys or anything," the 65-year-old Love says during a recent phone interview. "We were just observing our environment. If somebody had a real great car, everybody would pile into it and go to the hamburger stand. That was how life was in southern California. 'Fun, Fun, Fun.'"

Love was the band's over-the-top frontman, high-stepping across the stage with the craziest beards, wildest hats and frilliest costumes. At massive stadium performances in the '80s, Love zealously led the singalongs.

Fans of Brian Wilson don't like him much.

"Brian has a publicity machine, and they've done quite a bit in terms of disparaging me," he says. "For whatever reason, they've tried to make Mike Love the bad guy, probably because I had to sue Brian." Which he has done, twice: once over royalties (won) and once over licensing issues (pending).

He is often blamed for the abandonment of "Smile," the would-be masterpiece Wilson resurrected in 2004 to nearly unanimous critical acclaim. "'Heroes and Villains' was a little esoteric and obtuse in the lyric department," he says of the now-classic "Smile" single. "We find that it just doesn't go over that great." ("Listen to these outstanding lyrics! They'll just amaze you! This nuclear disaster!" he phrased it during a 1967 rehearsal, before the song had ever been played live.)

"Teenagers, and young adults, and mature adults, and grandparents, they'll all know our songs," he says now. "We try to focus on what will please most of the people." Since 1974's "Endless Summer" greatest hits album hit No. 1 and stayed on the charts for three years, Love has made no bones about fronting a nostalgia act.

For most legal purposes, Mike Love is the Beach Boys. Dennis Wilson drowned in 1983. Carl Wilson died of brain cancer in 1996. Since overcoming many mental instabilities, Brian Wilson has enjoyed a robust solo career. In 1999, Love successfully sued Jardine for use of the band's name. (Jardine sued back in 2001, claiming he was being excluded.)

For his current round of touring, Love will be joined by accredited Beach Boy Bruce Johnston, who replaced Brian in the Boys' touring band in 1965 (and penned several fine '70s numbers). The pair will be accompanied by a road-worn quintet, including drummer Mike Kowalski, who has served live duty on and off since 1970.

"If you have guys who can sing those original parts and replicate the original records, that's the most important thing," Love says. "The thing that distinguished the Beach Boys from other rock groups is the refinement of the harmonies and the great vocal arrangements. My cousin Brian was very gifted at that. People called him a genius."

Love's praise remains effusive, old rivalries simmering. He gives in. "In vocal arrangements, you'd have to give him his due, absolutely."

When it comes down to it, Mike Love is just a really big Beach Boys fan. Who can blame him?

What are you listening to right now? Bobby Fuller (Rock House, Nervous Breakdown, Jenny Lee. I Fought The Law)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

I still do not see Dennys will anywhere see below!

Beach Boys Reunite...for Settlement

03/20/2008 6:00 AM, E! Online
Josh Grossberg

The Beach Boys got around all right—to a settlement.

After two days of mediation talks, lawyers for Beach Boys cofounder Mike Love and former bandmate Al Jardine managed to make peace in their lingering legal dispute over use of the band's name.

Terms of the settlement were kept confidential. But the two musicians were said to be satisfied with the outcome.

The battling Boys, with the aid of Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Alexander Williams, sat down Tuesday to avoid a trial and attempt to hash out a settlement to Love's claim that Jardine owes him about $2 million in attorney's fees racked up from previous litigation.

But the negotiations in chambers got off to a bumpy start when Love failed to appear on time, setting off some bad vibrations from the judge.

"What does that mean when someone doesn't show up? That means they think they are more important than everyone else," Williams said angrily.

Love did eventually show and indicated that he was optimistic the parties could work out a compromise.

"That's what these [settlement conferences] are for," the musician said, crossing two of his fingers.

Joining Jardine and Love in the courtroom for part of Tuesday's session: band mastermind Brian Wilson, who even joined Jardine at one point for an impromptu a cappella rendition of "Help Me, Rhonda."

Wilson's presence seemed to indicate a deal —and possibly even a stage reunion of the surviving members of the Hall of Fame band—was doable.

Indeed, following the settlement, one lawyer hinted as much.

"Mr. Love and Mr. Jardine are looking forward to bringing more Beach Boys music around the world as the group approaches its 50th anniversary," said Carla A. DiMare, an attorney for the Carl Wilson Trust, which represents the late Beach Boy's family.

Love and Brother Records, the corporation which owns the Beach Boys' trademark, sued Jardine—a founding member of the seminal surf group—in 2003 to prevent him from touring under the Beach Boys name.

While Jardine jointly owns Brother Records along with Love, Brian Wilson and the estate of Carl Wilson, Love is the sole member who controls the license however and is the only surviving Beach Boy officially still touring under the moniker.

Jardine, who has hit the road in recent years fronting the likes of "Al Jardine, Beach Boy," "Beach Boys Family & Friends,"and "Al Jardine of the Beach Boys," not one of which contains an original band member.

But he was forced to abandon those billings after the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear his appeal of a lower court injunction barring him from referencing the "Beach Boys" in his touring outfits.

That legal tussle came after Jardine filed a $4 million suit against Love and Brother Records back in 2001, alleging Love was leaving Jardine out of official Beach Boys concerts. The complaint was later dismissed.

Love sought to recover money for legal expenses associated with the suit.

However, Jardine's lawyer, Lawrence C. Noble, stated in court documents that Love's request for payment should be rejected on a technicality because the request was not filed in federal court. The case was scheduled to go trial April 14.

Jardine meanwhile is said to be finishing up work on a new solo album, A Postcard from California, which features guest turns from the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What are you listening to right now? Bobby Fuller (Rock House, Nervous Breakdown, Jenny Lee. I Fought The Law)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

By the way I wonder If Brian Wilson & Jan Berry ever sued Mike for using "two girls for every boy in his solo record "Looking Back With Love"? Not that a writing credit would have put money in their pockets for such a non selling record as it was. Oh By the way Mike Love didn't even write the song oops! Mike only wrote one song on his only solo record. Now that is a genius.

What are you listening to right now? Bobby Fuller (Rock House, Nervous Breakdown, Jenny Lee. I Fought The Law)

Re: Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

Then again if your a true Beach Boys fan you would see what Mike is doing is doing right now is making a joke out of the name that should have been put to rest with Carl there is no Beach Boys anymore. You think he can still sing an perform like he did in 61 hea can't everytime I've heard him he sounds nothing like he used to. It's time to either put together a runion of the surviving Beach Boys or hang it up for good and let Brian and his band + Al play the music I would rather hear them anyway.

Re: Re: Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

One has every right to their opinion. That is their right, but that does not make them right! Enjoy the music of the Beach Boys.

What are you listening to right now? Fun Fun Fun

Re: Re: Re: Re: Mike Love's Lyrics

Ms. AC Beach Bunny,
I was just reading everyone's replies and it seems like you are close to Mr. Love. Would you be able to ask him about us dancing to "Kokomo" without him suing us? Our temple enjoyed dancing to the song, but we don't want to get sued by Mr. Love!
Thank you for your assistance in this matter, AC Beach Bunny! Have a safe day!
...Elaine Harada...LAUSD math teacher at Ben Franklin High AND Higashi Buddhist temple member. : )

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