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Message to Mike Love

I WANT TO MEET MIKE LOVE! I have been a Mike Love fan ever since the Sixties, first saw Mike at the Beach Boys' New Year's Eve celebration at the Forum in Inglewood, CA on December 31st, 1976, Mike was 35, also present was reclusive Beach Boy Brian Wilson, 34, along with Carl, Dennis and Alan Jardine. i then saw Mike at four other shows at San Diego Stadium. Saw Mike Saturday night at the Beach Boys show at Humphrey's-by-the-Bay on Shelter Island in San Diego, the group performed for over 2 hours and did over 40 songs, what a performance! HOW DO I MEET MIKE? HOW DO I GET HIS AUTOGRAPH? I hear he lives at Incline Village, Nevada- or is it Santa Barbara? Tom Condelles, San Diego, CA.

Re: Message to Mike Love

Tom-chill a little. Your request almost sounds like stalking-even tracking down his possible hometown.
Just enjoy the shows and leave it at that. We will all rest a little easier if yuo do so.

Re: Message to Mike Love

The best way to get Mike Loves autograph is to get right in front of the satge and give him a piece of paper and a pen. Or you can wait for him after a show he sometimes come out after. He lives in Lake Taho Nevada. Hopes this helps.

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Re: Re: Message to Mike Love

Thanks for your reply to my email. At the recent June 7th performance of the Beach Boys at Humphrey's in San Diego, there was a security presence and I could not get close enough to the stage to request an autograph or speak to Mike Love. I also noticed, there are a number of new members in the touring band, including Mike Love's son and one of the original Cowsills (playing the drums). The show was excellent but it was noted that Alan Jardine and Brian Wilson, both original Beach Boys, were absent from the stage. I was somewhat disappointed by this. Sincerely, Tom Condelles.

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Re: Re: Message to Mike Love

Dear Surf's Up: I really did not like the tone of your email. I know a lot about the Beach Boys and their history and have read several excellent books on the band. I have seen the band perform live six times, including the original band members, I am not stalking Mike love however I would like to meet him, I have an address for him at Incline Village, Nevada. He used to live, for many years, at Santa Barbara, California. If you know how I can meet Mike Love, contact me at TOMCONDELLES@YAHOO.COM.

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Re: Re: Re: Message to Mike Love

Tom- give it up. You are never going to meet him. There's a reason why they security at shows- to keep guys like you at a safe distance.

Your compulsion to get close to him is frightening. Find a hobby or do some charity work. Or better yet- get a life!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Message to Mike Love

Dear Whoever the Hell You Are: Please do not email me again, you are obviously a stupid idiot who does not know what he is talking about. For your information, I am 56 years old and I have, in fact, met celebrities. Don't email me again, final notice, you stupid jerk! Tom C.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Message to Mike Love

Tom your about a freak in many many ways. I have seen the Beach Boys over 30 times in my life and met the Band after the show with some backstage passes that my buddy won in 1982 with a somewhat sober Dennis Wilson.

I have an autograph picture with Mike, Al, Carl, Dennis and Bruce all signing it. This concert was in Cleveland Ohio after a Cleveland Indians game and there was 60 thousand fans there. I just thought I would rub that in a little.

I have alot of Beach Boys stuff and am willing to part with none of it. I would like to meet Brian Wilson and have seen him a few times solo but know actually meeting him will probably never happen. Be a fan and enjoy their music but don't be so compulsive because it's repulsive!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Message to Mike Love

I also have met Mike Love - for the first time ever this year in Edinburgh. He is a very charming and lovely gentleman and so were the rest of the Beach Boys.

It is fantastic if you do manage to meet this awesome guy - but it's not the end of the world if you don't.

We all appreciate his talents - just enjoy them.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Message to Mike Love

Or you could find out what hotel they stay at when they are in the area and usually they are in the restaurant or bar. That is how I met them years ago and they were very nice to me. Good luck bud.

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