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Edinburgh concert review

Beach Boys get fantastic review in Edinburgh.

My personal review

Have arrived home today after the most amazing day and night out in Edinburgh.

We arrived mid afternoon and met up with friends at the pub next to the Playhouse for a few drinks and a meal first. Then a few of us decided to chance our luck and go down to the Stage door to find out when the band were arriving. Doorman said "probably around 5.30 p.m." so we hung around. Our luck was in, as we saw 2 huge limos arrive with some of the Band - Bruce Johnstone, Christian Love (Mike's son), Randell Kirsch, David Marks, John Cowsill and Scott Totten. Got autographs signed (photos kindly sent to me by my Beach Boy collector friend in Newcastle), and Bruce even posed for a photo to be taken with me.

Asked Bruce when the "Lovester" (Mike Love) would be arriving and he said probably around 6.30 as he was still asleep !! So we returned around 6.30 and only had to wait around 15 minutes before he arrived. I wasn't sure if he would stop for autographs but he obliged everyone. Even posed for a photo with me too !!

The concert was amazing - started at 7.30 prompt with a short 15 minute break then back into more huge hits. 3 hours later we were still dancing in the aisles !! They finished off with Good Vibrations and Fun Fun Fun and we returned to the Pub for more drinks.

We met up with my friend John from Newcastle and a few others and chatted away till the early hours of Friday morning before crashing into bed around 2 a.m.

It was a brilliant night - and considering 2 of these guys are in their mid 60's they put on the most amazing show.