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Beach Boys - Sheffield 10th APril 2008

Went to see the Beach Boys at Sheffield City Hall last Thursday. It was a great surprise to see DAVID MARKS - I didn't know they were touring with him. They were outstanding. And it was great to see David Marks take the surf lead breaks for the early surfin' songs. It's a good line up to tour Britain with Mike Love, Bruce Johnston and David Marks. They came on at 7:45pm, and finished at 11pm with just a 20 minute break in the middle. A stunning start to the British "summer" - and with Brian touring in July and and Al's new cd, it's gonna be a great year.

What are you listening to right now? Wild Honey album

Re: Beach Boys - Sheffield 10th APril 2008

Dave Marks played with Mike and Bruce cool that's ALMOST!!!!!!!!!!!!! the Beach Boys reunion that I would love to see. Now if Al & Brian join them that would be awsome.

Re: Beach Boys - Sheffield 10th APril 2008

I was there in Sheffield too I had looked forward to the show for a long time and wasn`t dissappointed. What a show it was,from the moment they came on stage everyone was up singing and dancing. It was great to see the band in England and lets hope it`s not too long till they head back to our shores again.