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reunion tour

Howzit bro Hoping for the reunion tour with you BRian AL and BRuce happens soon.I go to all your concerts and buy all the cd,s.But it would be the ultimate BeachBoys fan dream to get a cd with all new material from all 4 remaining BeachBoys as well as a tour. Allso to let you know how you changed my life with your music.In 1973 when I was16 years old I started listening to the BeachBoys,it made me want to surf.And surf I did.moved to calif. surfed up and down the coast as well as Hawai and many other countries.Now Im back in NewEngland Still surfing all the time at 51 years old,andI owe it all to your surf music. Surfing is the ultimate life style and I never get tired of BeachBoy concerts.Gets me pumped to ride.the ultimate wave. Allso have 2 request that you never play at concerts that I feel would go over big.Still Surfin and California,s Calling thanks sincerly Dave

Re: reunion tour

A reunion tour and a new album of new music written by Brian & Mike would awsome

Re: Re: reunion tour

Talked to Mike last of March. If there is a reunion tour it will be 3 shows.

1. L A
2. N Y
3. London

Re: Re: reunion tour

Not quite 3 shows, LOL!

What are you listening to right now? Surfin' USA