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Statement from Mike Love on the passing of Maharishi

While in Paris participating in a UNICEF benefit show, the Beach Boys were introduced to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. That was in December of 1967. Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, Alan Jardine and myself along with several family members learned the TM technique from Maharishi himself. Two months later, I made the journey to Rishi Kesh, India, where Donovan and the Beatles also attended a teacher's training course. Alan and I both became teachers of TM a couple years later.
To say that what I have learned from Maharishi has been of great benefit to me is an understatement to be sure. Maharishi has designed a pathway of development of human potential, which includes transcendental mediation, the TM-Sidhi program, Maharishi Ayurveda, Jyotish, and Yagyas -- all derived directly from the Earth's most ancient text, The Vedas.
No less a goal than that of world peace was Maharishi's life's work. For those of us who were fortunate enough to have been in his presence, his passing is profoundly sad. But I for one, am among the millions who are grateful for what he shared with us on this, "The Dawn of the Age of Enlightenment" on the way to the goal which Maharishi called "Heaven on Earth." We will miss you, but your great light will shine on.

Jai Guru Dev, Michael E. Love

Re: Statement from Mike Love on the passing of Maharishi

Gotta love the Weekly Standard's take on the Maharishi...launching a whole new generation of whacko self help.

Re: Statement from Mike Love on the passing of Maharishi

My bad...the actual line is that the "Maharishi is to thank for several decades of self-help quackery."

A little more:
He was anywhere from 91 to 98 years young. Nobody knows for sure. Age is an afterthought in the realm of space-time consciousness.

He got the ball rolling with his Transcendental Meditation (TM) movement. His pioneering techniques included sitting with his eyes closed, chanting mantras, and encouraging legions of gullible celebrities to vacate their minds (many of them already had a head start) in a ritual that was said to "involve neither concentration nor contemplation." Kind of like watching The View.

Introduced to American audiences by the Beatles, he had a bumpy start when they accused the celibate ascetic of making inappropriate sexual advances while trying to achieve a state of oneness with Mia Farrow's sister (inspiring the Lennon-penned song, "Sexy Sadie"). That wasn't the only setback he suffered, either. Ringo had to leave the ashram early because he couldn't eat spicy food.

But the Maharishi did all right for himself in the decades that followed, as cult leaders tend to do.


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Re: Re: Statement from Mike Love on the passing of Maharishi

That sounds about right ... and ... fair ... to me. But ya know...even church helps some people. Placebos do have some degree of success after all.

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Re: Statement from Mike Love on the passing of Maharishi

counting the days until i read a statement on the passing on mike love..


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Re: Statement from Mike Love on the passing of Maharishi

When you meditate and rid your mind and body of stress your cells can repair and your health, mentally, spiritually, and physically can greatly improve. Our minds and bodies are so connected that we cannot afford to be negative. All negative thoughts are actually expressions of fear and very harmful to our bodies and minds.

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