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Mike Love in Odessa, Tx., 6th grade, ??????

I have been trying to verify for yeats if Mike Love is the same Mike Love who lived in Odessa, Tx for 1 year, went to the 6th grade there in Mr. Gandys class. At the time he said he had moved there from California. He and I were good friends, and at the time I said he was my boyfriend, as elementary crushes go. Is there any way I could find this out? If he is the same Mike Love, even though he might not remember me, specifically, he would remember Mr. Gandy I am sure, because at the time we were sure we were the "teachers Pet"
Thanks for any help you can give on this..

Rita Ray Fincher
Youngsville, La. 70592

Re: Mike Love in Odessa, Tx., 6th grade, ??????

well, what year was that?
at 6th grade mike was like a 12 or 13 years old boy, so it might had been around 1952 or 1953... is that right?

well, if you have any pic from that time it would be very easy to know if its him or not.