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Re: Engineered Water

Immerse-a-Clean Update
I have now been using the electrolyzed water generated by my Immerse-a-Clean device for everything I do for much of this calendar year. In addition to finding that there has been no dropoff in the quality of my carpet cleaning results since switching from bottled cleaning concentrate, I have also been pleased with its performance with spots and stains. I recently re-encountered a reddish pink stain on a customer's carpet. I had tried previously to remove it with one of the products made expressly for this task, but it was still quite visible. This time I pre-treated it with a squirt of EW (electrolyzed water). I came back about a half-hour later, ran my OP over it a couple of times, and it was gone.

I have also been experimenting on using EW when cleaning upholstery. I clean
upholstery using my little 6" orbital tool, with the head covered with a 14"
terrycloth pads, held in place with a couple of rubber bands. Sounds simple, but the customers continue to be really pleased. In some cases I have applied
my EW, not with the usual pump sprayer, but instead with the very fine particulate spray, or fog, produced by the Geneon Mist
It spreads the cleaning solution more evenly on the fabric than does a sprayer,
but with enough force to penetrate it a bit into the fabric. Also, any overspray is less like water, and more like mist or fog. So while the Mist device may raise the humidity level in the room by a few points, it won't really wet anything but what you are trying to clean.