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Cleaning the Carpets

Hey, thanks for letting me post on your board here. I noticed there aren't many people here posting so I'd figured I would share my story. I have been in the carpet cleaning game for about a year now. I was always told by the other carpet cleaners (we all eat lunch at the same place everyday) that its all about the quality of your work. Well of course im going to deliver quality workmanship. I believe (contrary to them) that its all about how many jobs I can acquire. Whether I have one room to clean in a day or a thousand i'm going to do my best to clean them all right the first time. So why not clean a thousand? The older gentlemen who have been cleaning carpets for there whole life don't understand this concept for some reason. I saved up $3000 for a new marketing campaign and they said I was out of my mind. "No one spends that much on advertising" I hear it all the time. Seriously? Noone? What about apple? Microsoft? Hell stanley steamer doesn't spend that much on advertising? To me I feel as if we should focus on building our businesses huge not just what can pay the bills this week. Does anyone agree? Here's the site I built 3k for SEO and in 6 months I'll be bigger than all of them.

Re: Cleaning the Carpets

Come back in 6 months, Logan, and tell us how your investment in SEO worked out.

Re: Cleaning the Carpets

SEO does work you can check my ranking for Commercial Cleaning Cheshire into Google.

The competition is high however it does take some time. faster route would be Adwords however you need a decent budget.