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Are You Keeping Up on Relevant Business Media?

By that, I don't necessarily mean the obvious "Big Boys" in this field:
The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, or even Entrepreneur Magazine, although
E.M. does carry many great "inspirational" articles. No, I am talking about Business News Daily ( BND is something I just discovered, and it has lots of great articles on running a small business, and a green business in particular. If you are looking to use what can be Free, or Almost Free methods of marketing (social media) then you should definitely take a look at these 2 articles on the Business News Daily website:

"7 Free Social Media Tools for Promoting Your Business" and
"6 Innovative Social Media Tools for Small Business"

Re: Are You Keeping Up on Relevant Business Media?

Here's another good website for people running a small business: All Business - They have published several articles on running a green business, including "Promoting Your Green Business" and "The New Green