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Storytelling: Are You Using It?

Another post about how marketing is evolving. Storytelling. Telling stories about you and your business has recently been found to be effective in replacing things like a page of bullet points. Psychologists are finding that the mind remembers stories, and emotionally responds to stories, better than to laundry lists of technical points as to "why my business is better than the others".
In my redesigned website, in the About Us section, rather than just say something that sounds like so many other companies "We (the anonymous we)are driven to succeed in whatever it is we sell or do" Period. Instead, I wove a little historical story of who I am, who the people in my life are, and how I came to be doing what I am doing. I think it will resonate with many who read it, and help them better to understand me and what I am offering on my website.

Here's a good article on the subject: "How Storytelling Helps Business Connect With Customers and Drive Growth" by Carol Barash. From Entrepreneur Magazine.