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Today's Job

Today I travelled to one of Boston's western suburbs to do a job for a family who have been calling me once a year with out fail for about 10 years now.
It's always the same things, so nothing is ever very heavily soiled, so the job moves along nicely. Started at 9AM. For wall-2-wall carpeting, there was a basement (370 s.f.) and a master bedroom suite (380 s.f.) and a couple of stair
landings totalling another 20 s.f. Total area: 770 s.f., billed at .42 per sq. ft., for a subtotal of $323.40. Did the stairs next. Three flights: a total of 32 stairs, at $3.75 each, totalling $120. Finished the job doing a total of 9
area rugs, totalling 529 s.f., at $1.05/s.f., for another $555.45. Total for the
job: $998.85. Drove out of their driveway at 2:05 PM, so I averaged just about $200 an hour today.