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Ranking the Social Media

One way to quickly get yourself up to speed (reasonably well informed) on matters of social media marketing is to look for blog articles written by people who represent companies in that business. They are eager to look good and sound knowledgeable so that you might select them as your social media arm. Or, you can figure it all out yourself by reading what many of these folks have to say. I do some of this to try and save you the time of finding it all yourselves.

Here's the summary of a blog article from Inbound Marketing in Boulder CO, written by Ryan Bradley. Full details at

The selections in this blog article are based on a combination of these social media's active user bases and their benefits to small businesses in particular. Based upon findings of the Pew Research Center.

1. Facebook. In particular, its Local Awareness Ads.

2. Google Plus. Anything with the name Google in it will have a high level of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) value. Look for Google Plus Local.

3. Yelp. King of the consumer services review websites. Like Google Plus, it's very good for local SEO. I know of and have spoken with a guy in the S.F. Bay area who, with his single orbital machine, is a one-man cleaning crew who is booked out weeks in advance. He has no website, and markets pretty much exclusively via Yelp.

4. Twitter. Especially gets the younger audience. Some of them own homes
and businesses with carpeted premises.

5. Youtube. Small business across this country, Canada and the world are experiencing great results from placing videos on Youtube.

6. Pinterest. High level of usage by women, especially moms. These are the
people who arrange 95% of all residential carpet cleaning, and, in their
growing roles as environmentally-aware Corporate Facility Managers, as the key decision-makers in company maintenance work.

7. Instagram. Owner by Facebook. Offers great promotional tips and advertising updates on its blog.

8. LinkedIn. Find potential customers, even employees, with your LinkedIn profile and its targeted advertising program. Millions of business owners and executives in the U.S., Canada, and beyond have an active presence on LinkedIn.
Many own or manage business premises with carpeted floors, tile & grout, and
upholstered office furniture.

9. Vine. Companies of all kinds are reporting tremendous success using Vine's video sharing service.

10. Meetup. can be a powerful local networking and organizing
tool for local businesses.

Re: Ranking the Social Media

Using social media as part of your marketing plan? Here are some good ideas in that area: