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What Actually Works in Marketing?

I am impressed with the work of Julia Campbell, a marketing consultant based on Boston's North Shore ( On her blog she recently raised and tried to answer a question asked by someone who attended one of her
speaking engagements. The question was "What actually works in marketing?"
I liked her response enough to want to pass it along to visitors to this Forum.

She responded with
"What Actually Works in Marketing in 5 Sentences"
1. Be amazing at what you do.
2. Love what you do.
3. Know your audience inside and out.
4. Give your audience the experience they want and need.
5. Be authentic.

Expanding on these points, she said further:
1. Amazing. To get more customers, you need to be amazing. You need to be so
great at whatever it is that you do that people will tell others about it.
2. Love. If you do not enjoy what you do, no one will want to pay you to do
it. Love what you do, and exude that love and passion in all your communications with supporters and customers.
3. Know your audience. Find your tribe! Read and listen to everything by Seth Godin on this topic. Find your niche. Do NOT try to appeal to everyone. If you do, you will fail.
4. Audience experience. Marketing is no longer about chest-thumping, claiming
endlessly that you outdo the competition, and shouting from the rooftops about
how incredible you say you are. Marketing in recent years has moved on from that traditional model, and has evolved much more toward convincing your tribe that you are the right person, or agency, or company to solve their problems,
when they want and need them solved. Marketing is now about providing an
excellent, outstanding service that your customers will write about, tell
friends about, and continue to use in perpetuity.
5. Authentic. Authentic means real or genuine. Not copied or false. And true and accurate. You cannot buy, or fake authenticity. If you only want
to sell your service or your product, people will realize this. They need,
want, expect, and deserve more than that.