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Open for Business!

Hello Again. The new website - - has been launched.
Please go an have a look. It is fresh from the web designers' studios. Any comments re. its navigation, flow, amount of useful information, etc - let me hear what you think. I can still have it tweaked to some extent.

I elected to go with the name NATURE's QUICK-DRY this time around. It makes reference to both of the customer benefits that I offer in my own service business - environmentally friendly AND quick to dry, and which purchasers of any of my Packages will also be able to deliver

I now offer a total of 5 different Packages to people starting a new c.c. business, beginning as low as $1000, and topping out somewhere below $3000.
I anticipate adding one or perhaps more Packages - possibly one geared primarily
to performing commercial work. It might contain a CRB machine for overall encap cleaning, plus a Challenger for servicing the tighter areas as well as the areas where pad-capping would help to even out the bright new look of the just-cleaned premises.

I've added a lengthy testimonials section, using the kind words of Challenger owners who posted on the original Challenger Forum or on one of the other forums which provide a voice to c.c. industry professionals.

I am hoping that many of the posters from the earlier Challenger Forum will drop by, as well as many new folks.