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Re: Forum Status/September 2015 Update

There will now be a total of five carpet cleaning start-up Packages offered.
The "Standard" Package ($2450) will approximate the original Package that most of
you purchased. Then there will be a "Plus" Package, which will add what is now called the Bissell Easy Action Orbiter. The Bissell Orbiter replaces what most know as the Oreck Orbiter, Professional model. Oreck went into bankruptcy a couple of years ago, and apparently Bissell bought out their inventory. What used to be the Oreck Products Distribution Center near me in Plymouth Mass. is now the Bissell Distribution Center. Same faces; new name. I always felt the Oreck Orbiter to be a good "in between" size tool, midway between the Challenger and my 6" orbital tool that I use for cleaning carpeted stairs and upholstery.
I will also be offering an "Economy" Package, priced at just $1000, which will feature the Bissell Orbiter as the primary carpet cleaning machine.
I will also be offering the two Packages that can be found on the Challenger website ( Both are priced in the mid-$2000's.

For years I did business over the phone and via email with Lee and Chris Watson, who owned Challenger Pad Systems for many years. During all of this time I never actually met either of them. They decided to sell the company several years ago, the timing of which had something to do with Chris' being diagnosed with extensive Stage 4 cancer. I am happy to report that Chris has made an amazing recovery, and both of them were recently in Boston where they boarded a ship for a cruise up the New England coast and into parts of maritime Canada. We were able to arrange a first time get-together. I took them for a 1/2 day tour around some of the Massachusetts coastal towns north of Boston, and then Donna and I had them to our house for dinner. Hope this won't be both the first and last time that we see them. If current Challenger owner Brooks Beeler ever gets up this way, I'll offer him the same deal.

Re: Forum Status/September 2015 Update

That is awesome... We took the Norwegian Dawn from Boston to Bermuda last summer and had a great time....I'm sure the trip along the Maine coast and to the Maritimes was terrific..

Re: Forum Status/September 2015 Update

Anyone who is interested in viewing my new website (it is not quite finished yet)
can find it under design at It is pretty much
finished, except for a 1 or 2-minute animation and a Testimonials page.