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Re: Challenger 19" primo pads

Thanks Brooks has anybody had any tip blooming with these pads?

Re: Challenger 19" primo pads

I haven't had anyone mention it however, these pads are more aggressive than our former Turbo pads that were similar to the Glad Pad you mentioned. The Turbos were a 65/35 Cotton/Poly blend. The Turbos were a good pad but were pretty expensive to source and in my opinion had a short life compared to these pads. The Select would be similar to what we used to call our Commercial Cotton and pretty close toe the same weight. The Primo is almost twice as heavy. It is made from a 20# fabric. The Select is made from 12.75# fabric. You will have to do the GSM conversion if you need to for a GSM weight. Give me a call at 903.343.5509 and we can discuss.

Re: Challenger 19" primo pads

Really looking at the primo and select pads. I'm understanding the primo is a thicker pad, but is there a difference in soil removal? Life span? Ok, basically, other than the thickness, whats different? your preference?

Re: Challenger 19" primo pads

Use a glider These pads are great. I use them on Berber and commercial settings Also great for drying an area that was over wet due to excessive soil