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Re: Social Media Marketing

Enjoyed your comments re. BNI. In order for referral groups like BNI to work, everybody has to provide referrals, not just come in to meetings to receive referrals. What types of referrals have you been able to provide for other members?

Re: Social Media Marketing

I just learned that you can have someone rate your service on facebook, which in turn shows up on the news feed of all that person's friends.

Re: Social Media Marketing

Good point Mark!

Since March 2013 sign up, I have passed about $4k in referrals to our group.
Pest control services, new properties for property managers,automotive services, retail also.
It really is givers gain.

I like what zig zigler always said. You can have anything you want in life IF your willing to help everyone else get what they want.

Re: Social Media Marketing

Hello,Mark i do use social media and have pretty good success at it but out of all stuff i use Yelp has been the most successful by far.I am close to hitting the 125,000 mark not to shabby for a pad cleaner.. lol