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Social Media Marketing

When I started my c.c. business 20+ years ago, there was no such thing as Social Media. When websites began to appear, I realized I should have one for my business, and found someone to set it up for me. But to this day I have not done anything via social media - FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. - to
help market my business. As a result, there is nothing in my Training Manual
on this subject, which I am beginning to feel is an omission. Does anyone out there in OP-land use one of more social media to help grow their business? If you do, could you talk about it here a little? Thanks.

Re: Social Media Marketing

Based on the overwhelming non-response to my post, it seems no one who gathers here is using social media as a marketing tool. OR...they're not willing to discuss it.

Re: Social Media Marketing

I know it works. A customer replied to a Facebrook friend who was needing a carpet cleaner. She recommended me. I got 3 GOOD jobs from that. You local BBB/Score should have classes on Social Media. They are $50.

Re: Social Media Marketing

Hi Mark,
I am Christina Cerwick, Dennis Schepker's daughter.

Dad had asked me to send you a note regarding social media / marketing.

First of all I would like to say that you already have a great section with recommendations on this subject in your Drysdale's Training Manual. This should help some of your associates out with a starting point.

I would be happy to help out with any questions you have, if I can. My email address is the one listed in the header of this post.

I am a Business Administration student, and just took a course on Social Media/Marketing last semester.

My first suggestion would be to make use of There are also other sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

I personally find Facebook to be the most user friendly of these. By posting on any of these, you are able to reach a broad range of people.

Dad mentioned that you use Craigslist. This is also one of my personal favorites. Craigslist allows you to pinpoint what region you want your ad to be posted in, and therefore control who views it a bit more than Facebook.

Lastly, I would like to say that your existing website looks great!

Thanks For Reading!
Christina Cerwick

Re: Social Media Marketing

I lost a little money doing facebook ads recently, but learned a lot for our next attempt, I think it is a valuable tool we can use to follow up and maybe reach friends of a happy customer. I am in the middle of a program to try to turn one customer to two or more via facebook. My seo guy had a good idea once I told him my idea of offering a gift certificate for posting a comment on our page and "like it" and tell people of their experience, my first thought was to offer a 20-25 dollar gift certificate to popular restaurants around our area, he thought of asking the client if they would like to receive 10 dollars off their job if they would "like" and post something about their experience on the spot, I am considering a small info sheet that discusses the benefits of low moisture cleaning or anything else related to cc, to entice the customer to either do the facebook idea outlined above, or, leaving a review on valuable website like "google places",, etc, on the hot sites for cc'ing, for anyone new, reviews and referrals are invaluable in this business to me. I have also read on FB marketing and think with the right plan, FB ads would work, especially targeting certain prospects. If anyone would like to brainstorm or discuss further I would be delighted.

Anew Carpet Cleaning OKC, OK

Re: Social Media Marketing

Thanks, Brandon and Christina, for your helpful posts.

Re: Social Media Marketing

While I haven't done much w social media.

One medium that has been extremely profitable for us is a local networking group called BNI.

Its a referral based group, only one profession per chapter.

I'm in one group and our salesman is in another.

Re: Social Media Marketing

Enjoyed your comments re. BNI. In order for referral groups like BNI to work, everybody has to provide referrals, not just come in to meetings to receive referrals. What types of referrals have you been able to provide for other members?

Re: Social Media Marketing

I just learned that you can have someone rate your service on facebook, which in turn shows up on the news feed of all that person's friends.

Re: Social Media Marketing

Good point Mark!

Since March 2013 sign up, I have passed about $4k in referrals to our group.
Pest control services, new properties for property managers,automotive services, retail also.
It really is givers gain.

I like what zig zigler always said. You can have anything you want in life IF your willing to help everyone else get what they want.

Re: Social Media Marketing

Hello,Mark i do use social media and have pretty good success at it but out of all stuff i use Yelp has been the most successful by far.I am close to hitting the 125,000 mark not to shabby for a pad cleaner.. lol