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Challenger Weekly "Pad Your Pocket" Mailer

If you want to be added to our weekly mailer please email us at and asked to be added.


Re: Challenger Weekly "Pad Your Pocket" Mailer

Hi Brooks
I received what I think is the first of your "Pad Your Pocket" emailers.
It dealt with the cleaning of wood floors, using cotton pads and your Orbit Glow product. I clean wood floors in a similar manner from time to time, but I caution the customer that cleaning should not be confused with refinishing, or shining, or anything like that. A polyurethane finish is what it is, and when it has become dulled out in areas, you can't "buff it back" the way some people seem to think you can. There are those who mistakenly think that a poly finish is no different from a paste wax finish, and that a few spins of the buffer will bring up a beautiful shine. To my knowledge, this can't be done. Or --- does Orbit Glow contain some sort of Mop & Glow-type of finish that remains on the floor to bring a shine?

Re: Challenger Weekly "Pad Your Pocket" Mailer

Everything you said is absolutely correct. Cleaning only...not refinishing. These wood floors were very nice hand-scraped wood floors that had not been cared for very well. Just a lot of ground-in dirt. They almost looked like I had refinished them because it was such and improvement. I just misted them and padded them with a dry "Primo" Pad.