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Vacaway encap green

Tried the new formulated encap green today on a trashed out light colored Berber and a demo at a banquet room greasy traffic area going to the kitchen,WOW! This stuff cuts like butter,foams up nice too! The best cleaner I'VE ever used at a safe PH level. Makes the old encap green look like a wimp ... You guys & gals need to try this!
Has anybody tried the new smart scents yet? Want to try them out too.

Re: Vacaway encap green

We now have an ENCAP product on the Challenger website as well. Link is included. Keep watching the website as new products are being added daily. Also, try the Citrus Gel or the Juice Out. You will be able to order pads on the website by Monday morning.

Re: Vacaway encap green

Thanks Brooks,glad to see your changing things up...

Re: Vacaway encap green

Hydroxi pro works really well Brooks.