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Mark and all other forum readers. I've seen a few posts about the insurance necessary to start a small carpet cleaning business. Because the Drysdales system is all natural (and thus assumed eco-friendly?), I would suggest looking into becoming a member of the Eco-Friendly Residential Cleaners Association. Membership INCLUDES $1M general liability policy AND $10K bond along with other membership perks starting at $379 per year for a single cleaner! (prices depend on the number of cleaners employed by the cleaning company). This program is backed by an "A rated" business insurance company. Check us out -
OR email -
OR call - (319) 354-0479
OR (319) 471-7803

Re: insurance

That's good info. I am currently paying a little over $1000 per year.
I will take a look.

Re: insurance

Thanks for checking us out and thanks for the phone call. I look forward to learning more about your system and how we can help you and the other forum members through our association.

Re: insurance

I hope you received my email concerning the residential vs commercial coverage. Membership in our association covers general liability for both commercial and residential jobs. There is however an eligibility requirement for the association that 70% or more of your jobs must be residential in nature (homes or apartments/condos, etc.). I hope this clarifies the issue. You can find out more on our FAQ page at