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machine down

After over 9 years of great service my Challenger quit on me yesterday while doing a BIG job. I figured it was overheating, which has never happened, but when I hit the red restart button under the motor cover it would not turn on. My question to you is do you or anyone have any idea what the problem may be and how can I fix it. Its pretty urgent because I have some carpet cleaning jobs up this week. Thanks.
Charles Hamel
Healthy Homes Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Re: machine down

dont wait for a reply here, call Challenger: 877-446-5887

Re: machine down

Call me on my direct number 903.343.5509 Brooks

1. Check plug that goes into wall and see if something has come loose or maybe a wire broken

2. Do the same at the motor itself. If you have the cover off for the red reset button you are 2 screws away from checking this. (Make sure it is unplugged)

3. 2 screws on back of switchbox to check for connections in switchbox. (Make sure it is unplugged)

Check the above website and put your zip code in and it will tell you where your closest Baldor shop is located. They can test your motor.

5. If it proves to be your motor I'm happy to get one to you