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I have brick flooring around my wood burning stove...Can I OP this? and if so, with what solution? Also, my dog has peed on it...I don't smell anything but need something stronger because of this?

Re: brick

got a tile brush? Brick and mortar are very porous So the smell will be embedded in the materials I have used Pee rad to eliminate the smell. It works ok but Iam sure there are better products for this application

Re: brick

I tried a tile brush and it threw chemical all over the place...I have pee rad but didn't know how it would react to brick and mortar.

Re: brick

Most tile & grout brushes are intended to be used with the sprayed-on cleaner remaining unabsorbed on the surface of the tile. Such paving materials as brick and bluestone won't really clean well, since the cleaning solution will rapidly absorb into the stone. And if you keep spraying, you will leave a soapy mess, unless you are carrying some sort of extractor that will let you suck up the residue. I have a regular carpet customer with a lot of bluestone flooring that she likes to have cleaned once a year. I then call the guy that I use to do marble refinishing and related stone work. He comes in, does the work, and sends me a referral fee. Works better this way.