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Update: How is your Spring season?

OK finally my Spring started!

After a real LOUSY February and March, the worst yet, business looks like it used to again. After a bad start to April, April turned out average, and May is looking good... booked solid for five days out, Saturdays too, and the phone is ringing again.


1) February and March are almost non-existent for the residential carpet cleaning business here in New England.

2) 50% of a carpet cleaner's job is marketing. The day that I stop making a full effort at finding and executing on new ways to get customers, is the day that I go out of business. I had a busy early Winter, and so I let my marketting slide. If your a newbie just entering the cc business... remember that. You will eventually get and keep sufficient customers so long as you never stop your marketing efforts (and do a good cleaning job). Marketing includes all ways of getting customers: advertising, networking, guerilla marketing, encouraging referrals, internet marketing, newsletters, etc. etc.

Re: Update: How is your Spring season?

If your a cleaner in a cold weather state you'd better make sure you save for those cold months. I was able to save enough to spend Jan/Feb camping in Florida, this years goal is to go Dec-April. I'm looking forward to being a snow bird

Re: Update: How is your Spring season?

dang, if only my wife loved camping like me.

good times!